Configuring the Link Between the Ground and Air Units (Android)

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This article describes how to configure the link between an Air Unit and its Ground Units. This procedure is performed on an Air Unit only.

The Link Configuration tab of the Management application is shown in the following figures (CONNEX on left, CONNEX mini on right). The link parameters are described in the table below the diagrams.




Link Mode: Determines the bandwidth of the wireless link. CONNEX users can select High Quality (40 MHz) or Stability Boost (20 MHz).


Note: CONNEX mini units support High Quality mode only.


Frequency Mode: Determines whether automatic or fixed frequency is used. The options available for fixed frequency vary according to other options selected (regional settings and Channel Mode).


Note: CONNEX mini units support Auto frequency mode only.


Sub-region Settings: Allows you to set the operating mode of the unit, according to regional regulations. The options are relevant for European, Chinese, Japanese and Korean regions.

To configure the link:

  1. Make sure that the mobile device on which the CONNEX Management application is installed is connected to the Air Unit via a USB to Micro USB cable and is connected to the Internet.

  2. Launch the CONNEX Management application, and navigate to the Link Configuration screen.

  3. For CONNEX units only:

    Select the bandwidth channel mode, as follows:

    • High Quality (40 MHz): This is the default option which provides the best quality. This is the only option that can be used with 1080P60 video resolution.

    • Stability Boost (20 MHz): Use this mode in harsh RF conditions or for long range operations. This mode enables higher stability, but supports only lower resolutions on the video link.

  4. For CONNEX units only:

    Specify the frequency mode by selecting either Auto or one of the fixed frequencies listed. The fixed frequencies that are available vary according to other options selected.

  5. The Sub-region options appear for CONNEX and CONNEX mini units used in Europe, Japan, China and Korea. (This dropdown menu is hidden when units are used in United States and Australia regions.) Select options as follows:

    • In Europe, select either Air To Ground for 5.8 GHz, 25mW or Indoor for 5 GHz, 200mW, Ground use.

    • In Japan, select either Indoor or Outdoor.

    Make sure that you select the frequency setting that complies with the local RF regulations in the region in which you are operating.

  6. To apply the configured changes to the Air Unit, press Save.

    To return to the out-of-the-box factory settings, press Restore Defaults.


    Note: A configuration update affects how the Air Unit communicates with all the Ground Units with which it is registered.

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