Upgrading the Air Unit or Ground Unit Firmware

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If the Connex Management tool displays an alert about a newer tool version, download the new version from: Here

Upgrading the Air Unit or Ground Unit firmware does not affect the settings of the wireless video downlink.

To supplement the instructions below, you can refer to the CONNEX Firmware Upgrade video.

To upgrade the Air Unit or Ground Unit firmware:

  1. Make sure that the computer on which the CONNEX Management application is installed is connected to the Internet and is connected to the Air Unit/Ground Unit via a Micro USB cable.

  2. Launch the CONNEX Management application by double-clicking its desktop icon. The following figures show the window displayed for the Air Unit (left) and for the Ground Unit (right). The Firmware Upgrade tab is selected by default. This is the only tab that appears for the Ground Unit.

    The window contains the following options:

    • Module: Specifies whether the connected unit is an Air Unit (Tx) or a Ground Unit (Rx).

    • Firmware Version: Specifies the version of the firmware currently installed on the unit.

    • SN: Specifies the unique serial number of the unit.

    • Product: Specifies the product ID of the unit.

    • Upgrade Button: The application automatically checks with the AMIMON server whether the latest firmware version of the connected unit is installed. If the latest version is not installed, the Upgrade button is enabled and a 'Newer Firmware Version Exists x.x.x' message appears.

  3. Click the Upgrade button. The latest software version is automatically downloaded from the AMIMON server and installed on the connected unit. The lower portion of the window displays the progress of the upgrade and lists the processes as they are performed, as shown below:

  4. If you upgrade an Air Unit, you must also upgrade all Ground Units registered to it. We highly recommend that you begin the upgrade process only after the Air Unit and its Ground Units have been collected and are placed next to the computer.

    An Air Unit and a Ground Unit with different software versions may not communicate with each other.

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