Setting Up the CONNEX Ground Unit

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This section describes how to set up the CONNEX Ground Unit (receiver).

We highly recommend that you use the provided AMIMON accessories and cables. If alternate products are used, make sure that they are of the highest quality.

To set up the CONNEX Ground Unit:

  1. Refer to the Placement Guidelines for a description of mandatory requirements and best practices for optimal placement of the Ground Unit and its antennas.

  2. Screw on the five provided antennas to the five Ground Unit antenna connectors, as shown below:

    Figure 5. Connecting the Ground Unit Antennas - Box 4

    Connecting the Ground Unit Antennas - Box 4

  3. Enable display of the received video by connecting the provided standard HDMI cable (Box 7) from the Ground Unit HDMI port to the monitor’s HDMI port (click here for details).

  4. Connect the provided power AC adapter (Box 5) to the power port on the Ground Unit labeled 7-17-VDC (click here for details), and connect the other end to a power source. The provided power AC adapter should be used indoors only.

    Verify that all three LEDs on the Ground Unit light up (On), as described in the tables below.

    Ground Unit – Power LED

    On (White)

    The Ground Unit is powered On and the unit’s On/Off switch is on (click here for details).


    No power is being supplied to the Ground Unit.

    Blinks Quickly

    Indicates a system error.

    Ground Unit – Video LED


    The video signal from the camera is locked (i.e., the signal is being received from the Air Unit).

    Blinks Slowly

    The video signal from the camera is not locked, or the camera is transmitting a video resolution that is not supported. (For a list of supported resolutions, click here).

    Ground Unit – Network LED

    On (Blue)

    A link has been established to the Air Unit, meaning that the Ground Unit is receiving video transmission from the Air Unit. The Network LED displays one of three colors to indicate the strength of the signal received by the Ground Unit:

    · Red: Poor

    · Green: Fair

    · Blue: Excellent


    No paired devices.

    Blinks Quickly

    The Ground Unit is pairing with an Air Unit, or the Air Unit has gone out of range of the Ground Unit.

    Blinks Slowly

    The Ground Unit is searching for an Air Unit with which to establish a link.

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