CONNEX Air Unit (Transmitter)

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CAN bus /S.BUS

I/O port, connecting to the flight controller (CAN bus) and control of the camera gimbal (S.BUS).

AMIMON provides two types of cables for this port:

  • S.BUS-only cable: For output of S.BUS control signals to the S.BUS input on the camera gimbal.

  • CAN bus-S.BUS cable: Allows both CAN bus telemetry input from the A2/NAZA flight controller (to be overlaid on the video via OSD) and S.BUS control output to the S.BUS input on the camera gimbal.

S.BUS properties can be configured using the CONNEX Management application for Windows / MAC or for Android devices.


AMIMON recommends using the CONNEX link for gimbal control ONLY and NOT for full drone control.


  • The CAN bus port and USB port (for firmware upgrade) should not be connected at the same time.

  • Do not connect the S.BUS/CAN bus cable under voltage.


Telemetry or


This port is used for MAVLink protocol input from a 3DR flight controller (Pixhawk/APM/ArduPilot). The flight control data from the

MAVLink-supported flight controller is overlaid on an On Screen Display (OSD). Telemetry information includes flight mode, number of connected GPS satellites, speed, height and more. To receive telemetry data on the Ground Unit, the Air Unit should be connected to the drone's telemetry port. For more information, refer to Supported Remote Controls, Gimbals and Telemetry Flight Controllers.


Power Connector

Input rating: 8-26 VDC (3−6 cells).


Micro USB Port

This port enables configuration and upgrade of the Air Unit software using the CONNEX Management application for Windows / MAC or for Android devices.


mini HDMI IN

For receiving video from the camera.


Link Button

The Air Unit is provided pre-paired (preregistered) with the Ground Unit that comes in the box. The Link button can be used to pair up to three additional Ground Units with the same Air Unit. For a description of how to pair additional Ground Units with an Air Unit, refer to Multicasting to Multiple Ground Units.


Reset Button

Resets the Air Unit.



For a description of the Air Unit LEDs, refer to: TBD links

  • Air Unit – Power LED

  • Air Unit – Video LED

  • Air Unit - Network LED


Tx Cable Antenna Ports

Two ports for connecting lightweight 2dbi cable antennas.

Air Unit Accessories

The box number in which each cable is provided is indicated in the table below.



Tx Cable Antennas

Two flat lightweight 2dbi cable antennas. Box 2.

Cable Antenna Mounting Accessories

Plastic accessories for mounting the antennas on the drone. Box 2.

Micro to mini HDMI Cable

Micro to mini (Right Angled) – 50cm length. Box 1A.

S-BUS Cable

5-pin JST to S-BUS female – 50cm length. Box 6.

Telemetry Cable

6-pin JST female to 6-pin DF13 – 50cm length. Box 6.

Air Unit Power Cable

4-pin JST to XT-60 Male – 50cm length. Box 1B.

Micro USB Cable

Standard Micro USB cable for upgrading the Air Unit software. The same cable can be used for both Air and Ground Units. Box 6.

S-BUS/CAN bus cable

5-pin JST to S-BUS female and to CAN bus female to CAN bus male. Box 5.

Mounting Plate

For connecting the Air Unit to the drone. This item consists of two parts. Box 3.


For information about additional accessories, go to

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