CONNEX 3.2 FW Revision Release Notes

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Idan Pearl

This article details the new features implemented in the new 3.2 FW version of CONNEX Family, lists the fixed bugs and report the known issues.


New Features

Support CONNEX Fusion

  • FW version 3.2 enables all CONNEX users to upgrade their systems to CONNEX Fusion.

  • Support connectivity of CONNEX mini HD Transmitter with CONNEX Fusion HD Reciever
  • CONNEX Fusion enables users to CONNECT CONNEX mini HD transmitter with CONNEX Fusion HD receiver. 

    Note- CONNEX Fusion HD transmitter will not be able to connect to CONNEX mini HD receiver.


In order to get the new update, please download the updated SW tool from below and follow these instructions.

For the past upgrades, please see below:

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