Cleanflight Configurator v1.2.4

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Chen Rosen

Latest Cleanflight Configurator version released on April 13th is no longer compatible with Falcore.

As a temporary solution until this issue is resolved, an installation of an older version is required to configure Falcore.

Follow the instructions below to install Cleanflight Configurator v1.2.4. This will be installed in parallel to existing latest version, so you will be able to launch either version.

  1. Download the crx (Chrome plugin) file attached at the end of this article.
  2. Press Continue next to the warning message displayed at the bottom of the browser window:

  3. After download Chrome will display the following message, press OK:

  4. Open a new tab in Chrome browser, type "chrome://extensions/" in the address bar and press enter.

  5. Drag the downloaded file from the Chrome downloads bar at the bottom of the browser or from a file explorer window, onto the chrome://extensions/ tab.
  6. Click the "Add app" button on the displayed message:

  7. A new line will be added on the Extension tab list:
    click the "Details" link to create shortcuts.

  8. After launching, verify the correct version is running: text under the Cleanflight logo at the top left corner of the app should be "CONFIGURATOR 1.2.4":
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