ESC Calibration

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Chen Rosen

ESC Calibration calibrates each ESC to operate within the throttle range commanded by the flight controller.

When increasing throttle slightly over zero, if all four motors don't start to spin (idle) at the same time, ESC calibration might be required. 

Follow the steps below to calibrate ESCs:



You MUST remove motor arms or props before proceeding. This procedure is done with the drone powered, and can cause motors to spin.

  1. Remove props or motor arms from the drone.
  2. Connect Falcore to PC with a USB cable and Launch Cleanflight Configurator. see Flight Control System Configuration step 1-2 for details.
  3. On Cleanflight Configurator, press Connect and select Motors tab.
  4. Enter Motor Test Mode by moving the toggle next to the "I understand the risks" warning.
  5. Move the Master slider up all the way.
  6. Verify props or motor arms are removed and insert a battery into the drone. ESCs will sound a sequence of beeps.
  7. When beeps stop, pull the Master slider all the way down, ESCs will beep again.
  8. When beeps stop, remove the battery from the drone and disconnect USB cable.
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