Reversing Motor Rotation Direction

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Chen Rosen

Falcore uses Raptor 20A ESCs with BLHeli firmware.

A motor might rotate in the opposite direction to that required for its location after ESC replacement or due to an ESC malfunction. This can be fixed by connecting to the ESC firmware and adjusting the rotation direction parameter.

Follow the steps below to change motor direction:

  1. Make sure Falcore USB drivers are installed on PC.
  2. Download BLHeli Suite PC app from this link. Using the Chrome BLHeli app with Falcore is not recommended.
  3. Extract the content of downloaded archive and launch BLHeliSuite.exe
  4. Remove Props or motor arms.


    You MUST remove motor arms or props before proceeding. This procedure is done with the drone powered, BLHeli Suite can cause motors to spin.

  5. Connect Falcore via USB to PC and insert a battery.
  6. On BLHeli Suite app window, from the menu > "Select ATMEL / SILABS Interface", select option E - Silabs BLHeli Bootloader (Cleanflight)

  7. Click the small down arrow on the "Port:" field at the bottom left corner of the window and select from the list the COM port that is labeled as "STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port", then press the connect button.

  8. Press Check button on the bottom right of the window, this will read ESC data and display status in new window, click OK.

  9. From the Multiple ESC control on the bottom of the window, click to an ESC number (1-4) to deselect an ESC, leaving displayed only the number of the ESC you wish to modify.

    See the example below for selecting ESC #3:

    ESC numbers are #1 - rear right, #2 - front right, #3 - rear left, #4 front left.

  10. Toggle Motor Direction field parameter between Normal and Reversed by clicking the < > arrows to change motor direction. Never select Bidirectional.

  11. Click "Write Setup" Button, then click the "Disconnect" button, unplug USB and remove battery from drone.
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