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Trimming is a procedure that enables you to adjust and balance the flight of the drone so that the drone can hover steadily when no wind is present and no command is applied. Trimming remedies drifting caused by an imbalance in how the motors are positioned, it does not take into account drifting because of the wind. Perform this procedure in a wide open indoor space or outdoors where there is no wind.


Perform trimming only after you have practiced and have basic control over drone flight.

Trimming Procedure

  1. Place the drone on the ground with the tail facing toward you.
  2. Take off in Shield mode and hover at 50 cm or more.
  3. With Pitch/ Roll stick in the center (neutral) position notice if the drone drifts to one direction: forward, backward, left or right.


  1. Land the drone.
  2. Turn the power switch to STBY.
  3. Push the Throttle stick fully forward.
  4. Move and hold the Pitch/Roll stick fully in the direction opposite to the direction of the For example, if you noticed that the drone drifts to the left, move the Pitch/Roll stick all the way to the right.
    As you hold the Pitch/Roll stick in position the drone beeps one time for each level of trim.
  5. Hold the Pitch/Roll stick in the above position until you hear three beeps.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 8 until the drone hovers without Increase or decrease the amount of trim (indicated by the number of beeps) each time according to need.


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