Replacing a Motor

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It is possible to connect another motor to the motor's power connector to determine if motor or ESC is faulty. Always remove all propellers before testing.
  1. Remove the propeller from the motor that needs to be replaced (see Replacing a Propeller).
  2. Remove the motor boom from the drone (see Removing a Motor Boom).
  3. Squeeze the middle of the boom insert (2) and pull it out of the boom.
  4. Use the 2 mm Allen key tool to remove the screw (1) that holds the motor to be changed to the boom. use the forked screwdriver tool (2) to hold the round nut in place.

  1. Put your finger on the tab of the motor bracket peg (1) and pull the motor out of the boom.


The motor bracket peg is not fastened to the motor assembly.
  1. Remove the four screws (1) under the motor and remove the motor (2) from the flat motor bracket (3).

Installing the New Motor

  1. Place the new motor (2) on the flat motor bracket (3) and fasten it with the four screws (1).
  2. Insert the flat bracket (3) into the motor bracket peg (4). Verify that the flat bracket is fully inserted into the motor bracket peg and aligned with it.
  3. Place two motor wires (2) on one side of the bracket peg and one motor wire (1) on the other side.


Make sure the wires are flat against the bracket peg before inserting the motor wires into the boom.

  1. Fully insert the motor assembly (4) into the boom in the same orientation as the motor on the other side (1).
  2. Fasten the motor assembly to the boom with the screw (3) and round nut (5).
  3. Use the tool to pull the sockets (2) through the wide whole in the boom.
  4. Place the insert (1) in the correct orientation, while pulling both sockets through the The side of the insert with the tab (2) aligns with the side of the boom hole with the notch (3).
  5. Squeeze the middle of the insert (1) and push it fully into the boom until it clicks.
  6. Install the boom on the drone (see Installing a Motor Boom).
  7. Install the correct propeller on the new motor (see Replacing a Propeller).



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