Advanced Flight Modes Controls

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After you have mastered flying in Shield mode, you are ready to move on to advanced flying in Horizon and Acro mode.

The following are the differences between Shield flight mode and the advanced flight modes (Horizon and Acro):

  • Unlimited roll and pitch angles the drone can be tilted to extreme pitch and roll angles, including the possibility to flip the drone upside down.
  • Two stick turning it is necessary to coordinate roll command with manual yaw command to turn during forward flight.
  • Manual throttle / altitude control– Throttle stick controls motor power directly, and maximum power is available. The drone will climb or descend depending on throttle level and will not maintain altitude automatically.


Falcore is extremely powerful in advanced flight modes, and can gain very high altitude and speed in just a few seconds.


The Stop & Land feature is enabled in all modes.

For more information about advanced flight modes, we recommend the following link from

Rate/Acro Mode Vs Horizon/Self-Level Mode


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