Falcore Air Unit

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Falcore Air Unit

The Falcore air unit includes:

  • Camera (1) FPV High Dynamic Range (HDR) 720p HD Video Camera, captures video for viewing during FPV flight.
  • Transmitter antenna (3) – specially designed ProSight Transmitter antenna, delivers wireless HD video downlink to the HD Receiver.
  • Control antennas (4) – receive control signals from the Remote Control.
  • Drone Indicators (2) LEDs located in the front, middle and back of the drone, and a buzzer, indicate power and control states.
  • Multi-sensor Flight Controller (8) enables the system to automatically control the altitude and coordinate turns in Shield mode.
  • Carbon Fiber Booms (5) support the drone motors.
  • Boom rubber holders (6) connect the booms to the drone. The holders enable quick release of the booms and provide shock absorption.
  • Battery (7) dedicated Falcore battery.


The Falcore battery adapter allows you to use some standard LiPo batteries to power Falcore. Make sure that you use a battery that complies with the required specifications.

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