Installing a Motor Boom

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Aligning the Boom

Note, the front and rear motor booms are not interchangeable. On the front motor boom (2), the power cable slot faces up and on the rear motor boom (1), the power cable slot faces down.

  1. Align the side of the boom insert with the tab (3) to the notch (4) on the drone boom bracket.

Connecting the Boom

  1. Connect the two motor Make sure not to cross the wires.
  2. Rotate both power connectors into the slot at the same time, until they lay flat.

  3. Place the boom (2) onto the boom bracket (3) so that the boom insert fits securely into the grooves on the boom bracket.
  4. Roll the bands (4), one by one, onto the boom bracket to secure the boom.
  5. Verify that the boom is securely in place by trying to rotate and shift it sideways. Verify that there is no space (1) between the boom and the boom bracket.
  6. Install the correct propeller on the new motor (see Replacing a Propeller).

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