Replacing a Propeller

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Falcore and quad copters in general use two types of propellers:

  • On the front right and rear left motors (2 & 3), counter- clockwise (CCW) type propellers are used.
  • On the rear right and front left motors (1 & 4), clockwise (CW, also known as “Reversed”) type propellers are used.


Installing the wrong propeller type will usually cause the drone to flip upside down on takeoff.


A good way to remember the direction of the propellers is that the blade closer to the drone body always turns toward the middle of the drone.

  • To change a propeller:
  1. Determine whether the propeller to be changed spins clockwise (CW) or counter clockwise (CCW).
  2. For a CW motor, prepare a new propeller marked with an For a CCW motor prepare a propeller with no R.
  3. While holding the motor in place with the tool (2),
    use the other part of the tool (1) to unscrew the nut on the top of the propeller.
  4. Remove the old propeller from the motor shaft.
  5. Install the new propeller with the convex side (2) of the propeller blade facing The leading edge of the blade (1) should be the higher edge of the blade.
  6. Verify that the propeller is fully pushed down onto the motor shaft.
  7. Use the tool to tighten the Do not over tighten.


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