Falcore Ground Unit

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Remote Control (RC) Transmitter

Falcore RC uses a 2.4 Ghz, 8 channel AFHDS-2A, wireless communication system that controls the drone over a distance of up to 500 m in VLOS. Note, that at very low altitudes, maximum control distance can be significantly reduced.

The Prosight HD video receiver can be mounted on the RC transmitter and powered by it. When the RC transmitter is turned off, power to the Prosight HD video receiver is also turned off.

The RC transmitter unit includes:

  • Controls (3) – enables the pilot to control the drone (see Controls Guide).
  • Antennas (5) direct a wireless signal to the Drone.
  • Battery charge indicators (4) – LED indicator lights show the charge status of the remote control battery.
  • Power inlet (1) enables charging the remote control.
  • Power outlet (7) enables connecting the HD Receiver to the remote control power.
  • Handle (6) for carrying and supporting the remote control.
  • Carrying loop (2) enables connecting the remote control to a neck strap.
  • USB inlet (8) enables updating the remote control firmware.


Falcore is compatible with popular mini-quad RC receivers including FrSky D4R/ X4R/ XSR, DSM/X satellite, Flysky X- 6b and other similarly sized serial or PPM receivers.

Controls Guide

  • Throttle Stick (1) controls the following:

» Throttle/ Altitude – moving the stick up or down controls the speed of the propellers and affects the altitude of the drone.

» Yaw – moving the stick side to side rotates the drone clockwise or counter-clockwise.

  • Pitch/Roll Stick (7) controls the following:

»   Pitch – moving the stick up and down controls the forward / backward tilt of the drone that creates forward or backward movement, controls speed and enables braking.

»   Roll – moving the stick sideways controls the side to side tilt of the drone causing it to fly to the selected side or turn, depending on the current flight mode.

  • Stop & Land Button (5) – initiates automatic speed reduction and landing in an emergency.
  • Flight Mode Switch (6) switches the controls between the different Flight modes.


Beginners, for your own safety, make sure that this switch is set to Shield.
  • Power Switch (8) switches the drone to one of  the following power states:

»   Off – drone power is off.

»   STBY – drone power is on, but motors will not start.

»   ARM – drone motors will start.

  • Auxiliary channels (2, 3, 4) – (not currently in use).


If the RC transmitter is turned on while the throttle is not pulled all the way back, the unit will beep.

Indicators Guide

  • Battery indicator (9) when the unit is charging, the indicator continuously fluctuates from 1 to 4 LEDs. When charging is complete, all 4 LEDs illuminate together.
    When the RC transmitter unit is on, the LEDs indicate the remaining battery power:

»   4 LEDs on – over 80%

»   3 LEDs on – over 60%

»   2 LEDs on – over 40%

»   1 LED on – over 20%

»   1 LED flashing – under 20%, land and charge RC transmitter unit.


  • Red LED (10)

»   Solid illumination – when Auxiliary switch (2) is at “On” position

»   Slow flashing – RC receiver link not detected

»   Fast flashing – RC transmitter in Bind mode


Binding the RC Transmitter to the RC Receiver

A Falcore RC transmitter is binded to only one Falcore drone at a time. This makes it possible to fly and race multiple Falcore drones simultaneously, each with its own RC transmitter.

If your RC receiver or transmitter unit have been replaced or used for other drones, you will need to re-bind them using this procedure.

  1. Remove the propellers or motor arms from the drone for safety.
  2. Remove the top cover from the drone (see step #3 in Removing the Electronics Assembly) to access the RC receiver.
  3. With RC Transmitter off, press and hold the Stop & Land button.
  4. While holding the Stop & Land button, turn the RC Transmitter power switch to STBY.

    After 5 seconds, the RC transmitter unit beeps and the red LED flashes quickly.

  5. Release the Stop & Land button.
  6. On the RC receiver that is installed in the drone, press and hold the bind button (1).
  7. While holding the button, insert a battery into the drone.

    The RC transmitter beeps, to indicate that the binding process is complete.

  8. Wait 10 seconds. If the drone starts to beep and the drone lights flash yellow and blue, the binding process failed and the binding process needs to be repeated.


Always wait at least 10 seconds after removing the drone battery before inserting a battery again. Inserting a battery again without waiting may cause the drone to enter failsafe mode.


If the drone is about to fly out of communication range the RC transmitter beeps. If the RC signal is lost, the drone enters Stop & Land mode (see page 12 in the Quick Start Guide).

To avoid this, as soon as you hear the beep, turn the drone to bring it closer to you.


Upgrading the RC Transmitter Firmware

Firmware upgrade files for the Falcore RC transmitter may be delivered as an executable file (exe).

To upgrade the unit:

  1. Launch the firmware update executable on PC
  2. Turn RC transmitter off and connect to PC using the supplied micro-USB cable
  3. Switch power to STBY while holding both sticks fully forward. You can release sticks when unit is identified in firmware app window on PC
  4. On firmware app on PC press “Update” and wait for process to complete (Progress 100%)

Prosight HD Video Receiver

The Prosight HD video receiver receives the video transmission from the drone and includes:

  • Antennas (4) – enable receiving HD video transmitted from the
  • Network indicator (5) green LED; indicates that the video signal from the drone is active.
  • Connection sockets:

»   Video (3) – connects to HDMI goggles or video  monitor.

»   USB (2) – used for connecting to a transmitter for pairing, updating the software and programming the ProSight system (see Connex ProSight System Installation and Operation


»   Power (1) connects to the Remote Control  power.

  • Mounting case (6) enables securing the HD Receiver to  the

handle on the back of the Remote Control. The mounting case can also enable connecting to a third party remote control.

For further information on the Prosight HD video link visit Prosight support at [LINK]


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